Rangers – Restoring Traditions – 2.2 A youth review

In my previous post I discussed a new 3 post per season plan with a half season update focusing on results and summer and January transfer windows, a youth update and second half of season update focusing more on key performers.

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Rangers – Restoring Traditions – 2.1 – Champions League return

After discussing this on Slack I’ve decided to break the posts up to around 3 per season – half season update which this will consist of followed by a youth intake special and end of season update. The word count was reaching near 2,000 words on the last piece so hopefully smaller, more regular posts will be easier digested.

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Rangers – Restoring Traditions – A new era begins

Despite a vastly improved squad with the likes of Borna Barisic, Scott Arfield and Nikola Katic coming in this summer, our media prediction was a 2nd place finish and it was what the board demanded which is fair. I have much bigger expectations personally in the league to stop Celtic getting 8 league titles in a row, however the board minimum aim in the Europa League of the group stages seemed harsh given the 4 qualifying rounds needed to negotiate.

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Rangers – Restoring Traditions

Hello, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I haven’t blogged in months, I do miss it but I stopped enjoying or having the time or energy to around April/May when I went through my first mortgage process and my workload increased as well. If you followed my series in FM18 you’d be aware we took Leeds from a Championship side to Champions League winners, despite the efforts of Mourinho to break me. God I hate him!

In terms of FM19 I’m really excited and well my plans are to return to my homeland and the team I love and hold a season ticket for, Rangers. But you blogged about this on FM17? I did and it was successful however I had started this version of the game off by blogging my time with Union Berlin and hadn’t moved on to the Rangers save and series until February and that finished in June so I wasn’t able to achieve all I wanted to and often prefer a side I hold some connection to.

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Leeds are falling apart again – Academy wonderkid leads us to European glory

If you read my previous post of season 2023-2024 which can be found here I discussed how I felt we had regressed and in real terms we had but perhaps I was slightly harsh as although we dropped from 1st to 3rd in the Premier League we amassed just 2 less points and a goal difference 5 less going from 46+ to 41+.

Our points total last season would have made us champions by 3 points in the 2022-2023 season also so it was a more competitive title race.

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Leeds are falling apart again – A first season of regression

Welcome back to the Leeds series, there’s been good reason for the delay in getting out content. I may have mentioned this in the past but I’ve been buying my first home so took a few steps back as to not get overwhelmed by it all but as it is nearing completion, I’m hoping to get back to a more regular pattern again.

Enough of that though, you’ll be interested in how the 2023/2024 season went I expect? To recap season 2022/2023 was excellent as we won the Premier League for the first time in over 20 years and I was hoping to push Leeds on to be the premier club in the country.

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Leeds are falling apart again – A return to glory days

Welcome back after a bit of a time between the previous post, this has been caused by a mixture of personal reasons, I’m actually well in to season 2023/2024 but today will be discussing how we performed during the 2022/2023 season.

A second successive 4th place finish in the previous season had me slightly worried that we had stagnated for the first time in the save and I set myself a goal of a top 2 finish to really push on.

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