Sergi Samper: An experitment in exploiting the interest from elite clubs

This is a different type of article than one I have written before on Football Manager, it is related to my Rangers series “The Rangers Way” which I hope some of you are enjoying.

My Rangers side are dominant having won 11 of the 12 domestic trophies in our 4 seasons so far, in europe we have finished as runners up and semi finalists in the Europa League before getting to the last 16 of the Champions League this season.

Now this is really good progress in terms of my aspirations for the save, one problem I’ve had is not in recruiting talent but in keeping them happy with our standard of league being poorer than others and also the dreaded minimum fee release clause imposed as a non negotiable clause.

However there are ways a big club in a smaller league can exploit those elite clubs hunting your best players, firstly as long as there are no release clauses you can be quite cheeky with bigger clubs.

A case in point is Sergi Samper who I signed for £6.5 million from Barcelona, he has been solid but with an average rating of around 7.1 he is someone that possibly isn’t justifying his massive £55k wages.

His worth in March 2020 is just £5.5 million and you’d suggest we’d do well to double the fee we paid for him if we were to look to sell him. Fast forward just a couple of months and his worth is £14.5 million, now this increase in valuation happened to many of my players and it could be down to a few things.

At the end of the season player valuations can increase especially after a successful season and we had just won the treble and made the last 16 of the Champions League, the Scottish Premiership had just jumped 3 places to 8th best league competition in world football and as a club we have just jumped 10 places to 28th in the club co-efficient.

I’m not sure of the exact reason why most of my players seen between 2x to 4x their player valuations and I’m also not sure how long it may last for as speaking to some well known creators in the community on slack they have mentioned to me that this has reverted back after a spike at the end of a season.

Before – March 2020


After – June 2020


This is where you can take advantage of the increase, for example Conor Hourihane had hardly featured for me this season and when his value doubled to £7.5 million I decided to cash in for his value.

Iver Fossum who had been in and out of the side but hadn’t developed as I’d hoped jumped from £4.1 million to £9.5 million so I negotiated and sold him for £12 million up front.

So you can see we are fully exploiting this increase whether it would stay or not, now the most important part of this experiment is to be adventurous in what you want for a player, Sergi Samper is probably the best example of this so we’ll come back to him now.


So from a valuation of £5.25 million he had jumped almost triple to £14.5 million, then a host of clubs such as Liverpool, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid were interested but it was the Merseyside club who were most keen.

They kicked off talks with a £15 million offer which could reach £19 million, I hit back with a simply ridiculous £50 million and 50% of next sale offer which they came back with £21 million up front with add ons taking the deal to £39 million however around £7 million of this was dependent on cup wins.

Remember his valuation was £5.25 million just three months ago on the back of a fairly average season, I then asked for £45 million plus 50% of next sale and thus far it seems to have put off Liverpool but Barcelona, Monaco and Atletico Madrid are still showing an interest so far.


I’m in no great rush to sell him and he seems perfectly happy with us so we’re in a good position, I’d accept deals of £35 million up front but anything lower than that I can reject.

You could say the experiment if you can call it that with Samper has failed as he remains with the club but the £15 million we received for Jordan Rossiter is a Scottish transfer record so at a potential £39.5 million, the offer we rejected shows the progress we’re making and why not to be intimidated by elite clubs.

Usually they will grind the player down and you’ll be forced to sell but they’ve identified your talent and generally don’t like to hear a no so take advantage of them and get well over your valuation of your player.

This was a different type of article from the normal updates so would appreciate any feedback and would advise to get on slack, it’s a great platform to discuss all things FM. My channel is johnmcintosh-19 or catch me on twitter @johnmcintosh19.


Author: johnmcintosh19

Football obsessed, football manager addict who has ventured into FM blogging with Leeds on FM18

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