Competing with the Elite clubs when in a small league

For the second part of a mini series looking at my Rangers save I thought I’d cover competing with the elite clubs when you’re managing a club in a smaller and poorer league in a financial sense, whether how I’ve done it is sustainable long term and if SI could improve in this regard.

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The Rangers Way: My Scottish newgens

When I started this save and blog, I stated I wanted to build a young side with an average age of 23 or below and throughout the save we achieved that in every season. With any team I manage I always like to feature at least a few players from that nation as I feel it is important but when taking Rangers to bigger heights the standard of player was at times difficult to implement this theory in to practice.

I’d like to introduce you to a few Scottish young newgens you may be familiar with throughout this save that is now approaching 2025.

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