Competing with the Elite clubs when in a small league

For the second part of a mini series looking at my Rangers save I thought I’d cover competing with the elite clubs when you’re managing a club in a smaller and poorer league in a financial sense, whether how I’ve done it is sustainable long term and if SI could improve in this regard.

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The Rangers Way: My Scottish newgens

When I started this save and blog, I stated I wanted to build a young side with an average age of 23 or below and throughout the save we achieved that in every season. With any team I manage I always like to feature at least a few players from that nation as I feel it is important but when taking Rangers to bigger heights the standard of player was at times difficult to implement this theory in to practice.

I’d like to introduce you to a few Scottish young newgens you may be familiar with throughout this save that is now approaching 2025.

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The Rangers Way: Goals, goals and more goals

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog so thanks for your patience, I’ve been loving the save too much to update and some personal circumstances have meant that I needed an escape and the game can be great for that, as can alcohol but I digress.

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The Rangers Way – Unbeaten season once in a lifetime? No

Welcome back to the Rangers Way as we finish off the 2021/2022 season, we had brought in a lot of money from player sales in the summer and had an unbeaten domestic season by January but could we go another season unbeaten in Scotland? Could we go one step further and reach the Champions League final? Let’s find out!

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The Rangers Way – Revolving door and bags of money

Going in to our sixth season I was excited at what we could do in the Champions League, domestically we are so dominant and will chase our 6th league title in a row this season. However our run to the Champions League semi final stage last season had given me optimism we could challenge some of the best in European football.

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The Rangers Way – Mixing it with the elite clubs

This is going to be a good update just to let you know, well certainly in terms of progression in the Champions League. I’ve been so impressed with how our team have done in this competition and how we have matched some elite football clubs with budgets that blow ours away.

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The Rangers Way – Another treble? no

It’s been a while since our last update so probably best to bring you up to speed in case you aren’t an avid follower of the series. This update will cover the first half of season 5 at Rangers, we have dominated Scottish football with 4 consecutive Scottish Premiership titles, 4 Scottish cups and 3 Scottish League cups and have made decent strides in Europe.

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