The Rangers Way – Revolving door and bags of money

Going in to our sixth season I was excited at what we could do in the Champions League, domestically we are so dominant and will chase our 6th league title in a row this season. However our run to the Champions League semi final stage last season had given me optimism we could challenge some of the best in European football.

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The Rangers Way: The Invincibles down Govan way

Welcome back to The Rangers Way as we detail what happened from January until the end of season 4, could we go unbeaten for a full league season? Would we shock Real Madrid? Let’s find out.

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The Rangers Way: European football returns 2.1

After our treble triumph last season with the league going to the last day we knew Champions League football would return to Ibrox, pitting ourselves against the best in Europe was an appealing thought. However firstly we would have to get past 3 qualifying rounds due to Scottish football co-efficient being so poor.

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The Rangers Way: Back with a vengeance?

First of all thank you to everyone who has retweeted, commented or just read the first two introduction pieces, it is appreciated. The structure of the updates will hopefully be 2 updates per season and should be 7-10 days between updates. We’re up to the newly introduced winter break so a perfect time to update and opportune time for the blog to be starting with the Warburton resignation fiasco.

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The Rangers way – An introduction part 2

Welcome back to the second part of the introduction of The Rangers way, in this installment I will look to cover our tactical ideas, overview of our staff and playing squad, finances and board expectations/budgets.

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The Rangers Way – An introduction

Hello and welcome back to this blog, as you can likely tell from the title we will be going to Scotland with Rangers to try and break the Celtic dominance as they aim for 6 titles in a row. It seems a good time as I’m refreshed after a break from FM for a bit and with Rangers in a sort of mini crisis in real life with questions over the manager and being 27 points behind a dominant Celtic, it’s a wrong I wish to put right.

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